Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Intrepid

The Grumman A-6F Intruder
    This aircraft was used because it could deliver substantial amount of supplies. It was also very special because it was the world's first all-weather strike or attack aircraft. It could fly a fast 646 mph (1,040 kph). The Intruder could deliver a load of some 18,000 pounds of ordinance—almost as much as the bomb load of a B-29 Super fortress, the largest of the World War II heavy bombers! As an attack  aircraft the Intruder retired in 1997. This aircraft had been in service for about 34 years.

The Mess Deck
Mess Deck
   The purpose of the mess deck was where the sailors ate their meals. This deck was very needful because there were over 3000 passengers on the ship. There would have to be one place where they all ate their food. Plus many soldiers would be hungry after working really hard. The types of soldiers that would spend time on this deck are the ones that have worked really hard and come from doing something. No one really ever just went their for free time. This deck was very important because it was just one of the places where the hardworking soldiers could just eat and relax.

One thing I learned about the Intrepid is that it was really hard to land on the Intrepid when a plane needed to land. It was not an easy thing if the plane is going at more than 200 mph. Imagine if you had to do that. How would you feel? If it was not a good landing, a lot of bad things could happen to the ship. Another thing I learned about the Intrepid is that they did not get a lot of room to sleep. It was a very small space with thin mattresses. It must have been hard staying there for over a year. Also what I learned was that the soldiers had to risk their lives in order for them to succeed. It must have been a very hard decision.

The 8 ports of call

  Port one: April 26 1943 Newport News Virginia: The Intrepid Launches
  Port Two: January 10 1944 Pearl Harbor Hawaii: Pearl Harbor Arrival
  Port Three: November 25 1944 Western Pacific Ocean Philippines: Japanese Kamikaze Attack
  Port Four: March 13 1945 Ulithi Micronesia: Share Leave
  Port Five: May 34 1962 North Atlantic Ocean: Space Recovery- Mercury 7 Space Mission
  Port Six: March 23 1965 North Atlantic Ocean: Gemini 3 Space Mission
  Port Seven: Egypt: Suez Canal
  Port Eight: New York- Pier 86: The Intrepid Museum

The Intrepid Importance
  The Intrepid was a very big importance to our country. She went through many battles and helped our country win. Thank you Intrepid.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


What is a chinchilla?

The real definition of a chinchilla is a small South American rodent (genus Chinchilla, family Chinchillidae) with soft gray fur and a long bushy tail. In my words, it is one of the most cutest animals in the world. It is kind of like a mixture of a rat and a hamster. Chinchillas are very low-maintenance pets. Chinchillas make really great pets, but they are not suited for everyone. I do not recommend  for children because they are very small and fragile. If they are squeezed to tight they will bite. I prefer chinchillas to all other rodents because of their lack of unpleasant smell and long life span. Chinchillas will not tolerate temperatures above 78 degrees Fahrenheit (25.8 degrees C) or in humidity over 40 %. Pet stores so not offer chinchillas. In fact, pet stores are the worst places to obtain chinchillas. It is better if you buy them from reputable breeders.

Fun Facts 

Chinchillas are really amazing creatures so they must have fun facts. Chinchillas have to stay on multiple levels in their cage. Also, when a chinchilla is grooming itself it happy and relaxed. Imagine yourself sitting down, and a chinchilla is sitting right next to you. After a while it comes on to you lap and starts to groom itself. Wouldn't you like that? Chinchillas are a very rocky and mountainous area. The red blood cells of a chinchilla carry more oxygen than any other rodents. The best part is that chinchillas can jump over six feet high.


Hamsters vs Guinea Pigs

    Hamsters and guinea pigs have been rivals for generations. Many of you will say that hamsters are better and many of you will say that guinea pigs are better. But opinions are opinions and you can't change them. Hamsters are smaller and guinea pigs tend to be larger. It depends what people like and that's what make these two ultimate rivals.

       There are many pros and cons for hamsters. But the most famous reason why people buy them is because they are cute and adorable. People don't buy them because they bite substantially. There are many ways hamsters can be judged. By their looks, by their actions, and by their texture. Hamsters are much smaller, which makes people want to buy them. People don't like to do a whole lot of work, and just like to keep things small and neat. The bad news is that hamsters stuff their cheeks. When they are eating food, they keep the food in their cheeks which is not good. Hamsters still make great pets, even though their are some bad things about them.

                                                        Guinea Pigs
  Listen.... I am an expert at these creatures. I have one of my own. People buy guinea pigs because they are cute and chubby. Well, that is the main reason. Also guinea pigs are very obedient. They will run away if they feel threatened. They will not bite unless they are hungry. The bad part is that they get hungry a lot. So you have to keep feeding them and feeding them. I think they very cute, but you might not. Guinea pigs love to have company with them. They get very lonely if they are left alone. The life span for a guinea pig is about 5 to 8 years. ( It's longer than you think!) So guinea pigs make really great pets which makes great competitors with hamsters.

Guinea Pig pros and cons                                                           Hamster pros and cons

Guinea pigs are very obedient                                                   Hamsters are small and easy to take care of                

Guinea pigs are very cute                                                          Hamsters don't have to eat a lot

Guinea pigs eat a lot so it                                                            Hamsters are not that friendly
is lots of work

Guinea pigs poop substantially                                                     Hamsters stuff their cheeks with food                      
so you have to clean their cage                                                      which is not good
every week!

         Which pet do you think is better? Leave your choice in the comment section below!

Sunday, February 24, 2013


What is a Gerbil?

   It is a type of rodent, similar to mice. They are bigger and their tails have more fur and the ears are smaller. It is a small mammal that is adorable and will never be ugly. They come and many different colors and breeds. They are about the size of a hamster but do not stuff their cheeks. They are not harmful unless they feel threatened. It can be very tempting to get a gerbil, but they do not make very well starter pets. For example, I myself have my very own guinea pig(check video on bottom), but it wasn't my first pet. Gerbils don't need that much time spent with them. They can live on their own, in their own world. My opinion, if you are planning to get a pet for the first time, get fish because if you get a animal you have never seen, touched, or researched, you will have a hard time.

How much time do you have?

     Although gerbils are fairly independent and can entertain themselves for extended period of time, a happy and well-adjusted gerbil is one who gets daily handling and company. Keep in mind that gerbils cages need to be cleaned every week. Gerbils are clean animals and will not tolerate dirtiness. Coming from desert animals, gerbils use water very efficiently and will only pass only a few drops of urine each day. But they can't keep that cage cleaned by themselves. You still have to do it. So think twice before getting a gerbil, or else you are going to have to put yourself through a plethora of trouble.



        Video of my Guinea Pig, Snickerz!!


Saturday, February 16, 2013


The basics of a dog

     Dogs are cute and adorable animals that always stay obedient once they are used to their habitat. They love to be played with and will be very unhappy if they are alone. You have to walk them everyday and have to be responsible for picking up after them. They will be kind of fierce with strangers because they think they are going to be harmed. The average life span for a dog is birth to 16 years. Every year in dog years is 7 years. So if you love dogs, I recommend getting a puppy. Dogs make great pets but are a plethora of work. So if your planning to get a dog, you have to be responsible, and have to spend time with it.

Fun Facts!

   Did you know if you have a dog, you have a less chance of having a heart attack? Yeah, I know how you feel. It's just a theory but is very easy to prove. Some dogs can drive. For people who unfortunately have some type of disease or mental problem, they need these kinds of dogs. Dogs have three eyelids. A puppy is born toothless, deaf, and blind. There is only one dog in the world that cannot bark, the Basenji. Eighteen muscles or more can move a dog's ear. It costs approximately $10,000 to train a certified search and rescue dog. Last but not least, there are over 400 million dogs in the world, more than enough for you to have.


Saturday, February 9, 2013


What is a Hedgehog?

           When your thinking of a hedgehog, you are probably thinking of that cartoon creature with blue hair. Sonic... Sure he is, Sonic the Hedgehog, but that is a really bad description to what a real hedgehog is. Hedgehogs are really cute and adorable and don't cause harm like porcupines do. They love to have company around and make really great pets. They have spikes on their back, but it is only for protection. Nothing else. But I recommend that you shouldn't really lets kids from the age, birth to 10. Kids need to become mochure because hedgehogs are very cautious. Plus you need to spend time with them.

How to Handle a Hedgehog

  One of the characteristics of hedgehogs are there quills. It is pretty cool watching your hedgehog and playing with it. But how do you handle your hedgehog without getting hurt by its quills? First of all, hedgehogs quills are not as dangerous as porcupines. Believe it or not, a hedgehog's quills are quite soft unless they feel threatened. But don't think that they won't hurt you. You'll just have to get used to it. So, the first objective is to make sure that you have a hedgehog that is well socialized, as well as a hedgehog that understands that you never mean him any harm. Next, slowly and gently, pick it up by under its belly. If it rolls up into a ball, you will just have to find for a spot or just wait till it gets back to normal. Make sure the hedgehog knows your scent because they have very poor eyesight and they don't know what you look like. Later on, you will get the hang of this and will be doing it easily. 


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sugar Gliders!!!!!!!!!

What is a Sugar Glider?

           A sugar glider is a small nocturnal marsupial native to Australia and Indonesia. They are very friendly and love to be with. Actually i should say on you. They like to stay close to you and stay with you. They will crawl all around you and you will feel their love streaming right out their body to yours. Their fur is very smooth and they can only weigh about to 8 ounces. They are not that big and will literally only be about the size of your hand. They like to stay with other sugar gliders so they have company and they will never fight. They are quite expensive though. They are about $800 including all of it supplies and its cage. But even if they are very expensive, they make perfect pets!

Why would you want a Sugar Glider?

You would want a sugar glider for many reasons. They are cute, adorable, and just fun to play with. They will love you as much as you love them. Plus as expensive as they are it is worth it. They are not even a lot of work. Once you first get it, it will be a baby. Then once its eyes are open, it will be attracted to you and you will then be made a mother. Eating and drinking is also very important for them. They will not eat as much like any other animal does. If you are always home and have nothing to do, I recommend a sugar glider for you. They love to spend time with their owner's and so will you!

Top Ten Sugar Glider Flights!

Oh Ya... they can fly too